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The Honor with Books program was started by the Friends of the Libraries in 2008. The Director of FOL initiates the process by sending a form to CRnS. Information resides on a Google sheet.

Monographs Specialist will update ordered, received, cataloged, FOL notified with the appropriate dates.

Honor with Books (Acquisitions)

Cataloging Specifics.

Create a 590 note exactly as recorded in the Orderline notes.

Create a bookplate using the 590 note wording.Template located at G:\Acquisitions & Discovery\Monographs Unit\Gifts\PROCEDURES\BOOKPLATES\Bookplates for Books\Bookplate -Honor with Books. 

Hold the book until the 590 note appears in Endeca and the donor(s) and honoree(s) names are searchable in the OPAC.

Notify Allison Hughes <>

  • Paperback editions will be sent to Preservation, for Handbinding, with BOOKPLATE CLIPPED to Sirsi PO printout

Email Subject:  Honor with Books (plus) "Bookplate wording in quotes"

Dear Alison,

This Honor with Books "title", is now searchable in the catalog at