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The Special Collections Research Center is its own library in Sirsi: SPECCOLL.

There are several different options for the home location within SPECCOLL:

Home Locationnote
ARCHIVESFor University Archives material 
AUCTIONCATA special location for the Sotheby's and Christie's auction catalogs
DUKESHADOWFor materials housed at the Duke Storage Center in Durham
 EXHIBITSFor materials currently on exhibit (and therefore not in their departmental location)
MANUSCRIPTFor material in the manuscript collection
OVERSIZESPECCOL General stacks Folio
OVERSIZE2SPECCOL General stacks Folio 2
REF For material shelved within the Special Collections reference area
REF-OVERSPECCOL Reference Folio material
REF-OVER2SPECCOL Reference Folio 2 material
SPEC-DSpecial Collections materials at Duke Storage
STACKSFor most non-manuscript materials held in SPECCOL

If you are unsure about a particular home location for Special Collections material, please contact the curator