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Cataloging Department statistics entry form

Accompanying materials

  • Where a title is published with accompanying materials, count the title and volume(s) of the principle format under that format and count volumes only under the format of the accompanying information. For example, a book with 23 accompanying microfiche sheets would count as "1 book title, 1 book volume" and "23 microfiche pieces"; a computer manual with accompanying CD-ROM would be counted as "1 book title, 1 book volume" and "1 computer file volume"
  • In cases where a title is published separately in multiple formats and these are given holdings, 530, 856, etc. on a single "mulver" record, count the titles and volumes in each format under the respective formats. For example, a serial which we subscribe to in paper and microfilm versions would be counted as "1 serial title" and "1 microfilm title"; the volumes would be counted as "n serial volumes" and "n microfilm volumes"

Branches and Working Collections

  • Where multiple copies of a document are ordered, to be split among more than one branch or working collection, count the titles and volumes under each branch even though they share a single bib record. We need this information for an accurate count of how many titles and volumes are unique within a single collection or library.
  • Count Working Collection titles/volumes as though they were from a single branch. Do not distinguish between different departmental collections.
  • For Internet resources count only titles, not volumes, as we are not looking to see when each completed e-journal or e-book volume is put up on a Website.

Materials which do not fit any categories on the statistics entry form

  • If you catalog materials which do not fit any of the categories listed on the statistics recording form (posters, etc.), report these via an email to the Keeper of Statistics.
  • Copies destined for branch or working collection locations should be counted as books under the proper location.

NC State theses & dissertations

  • ETDs, like Internet resources, are counted as titles only, without a volume count.
  • NCSU theses/dissertations destined for D.H. Hill locations, including Special Collections, should be counted under Theses as a title/volume and Special Collections as a volume (e.g., 2 copies of a thesis gets one title count under Theses and one volume count under each of Theses and Special Collections.
  • Copies destined for branch or working collection locations should be counted as book titles and volumes under the proper location, not as NCSU theses. Where there is accompanying material, this should be counted as a volume under the appropriate category.

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