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NOTE: This page has not been verified since moving over from the website. Please update or chat with your supervisor about having it updated!

Guidelines for editing the MARC holdings record

  • Open the MARC Holdings record of a serial title using the "Modify a Serials Control" wizard
    Unknown macro: {img}
    . If this icon does not appear on your tool bar, click the "Serials Control Information" wizard
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    and then choose the modify wizard from the list of icons.
  • Do a Periodical Title search. Click "Modify Control."
  • Click on the "OPAC Disply" [sic] tab. Make sure that the "Automatically update MARC holdings" box is not checked:

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  • Click on the "MARC Holdings" tab and then the choose an entry in the list of holdings records.

Editing Steps

       1. Review the fixed field data. For new MARC Holdings records, the default values will be automatically filled in. A
           macro is available to update the fixed fields for existent MARC Holdings records to the default values. Jacquie
           will put it on your computer ASAP. For printed serials, these are:

Rec_Type: y

Enc_Lvl: 3

Entrd: Automatically filled in

Acq_Stat: 4

Acq_Meth: p

Can_Date: Blank

Gen_Retn: 8

Sp_Retn: Blank

Complete: 1

Copies: 001

Lending: u

Repr: u

Lang: eng

Composit: 0

Updated: Automatically filled in

  • The fixed field data for a currently received print serial that the library purchases should look like this:

    Unknown macro: {img}

  • Please see Guidelines for recording holdings: MARC fixed fields for a brief description of each of the fixed field elements and their values as used at NCSU Libraries. An exhaustive listing can be found on the MARC Holdings website We will be adding the 007 tag for special format materials such as microforms. Some examples of how to code the 007 variable field can be found below.

      2. Review the variable data.

  • 852 subfield z (public) notes. From now on, all notes will be in separate |z notes, not combined in one.

          |zNewest issues located in the current periodicals shelving area.
          |zNot currently received.
          |zLibrary has current issues only.
          |zLibrary keeps current issues until microform arrives.
          |zLibrary keeps current issues for time.
          |zCurrent issues kept until bound for branch.
          |zNewspaper Section. |zLibrary keeps current issues for time.
          |zNewest issues located in the current periodicals shelving area.
          |zOldest issues at Satellite Shelving Facility.
          |zIncludes new title, Title.|zNot currently received.
          |zIncludes former title, Title.|zNewest issues located in the current periodicals shelving area.
          |zIncludes index for, Title.|zNewest issues located in the current periodicals shelving area.
          |zFilmed with title.|zNewest issues located in the current periodicals shelving area.
          |zShelved with title. |zNewest issues located in the current periodicals shelving area.
          |zNewest issues located in Reference.
          |zLatest volume only in Reference.
          |zLatest year only in Reference (substitute branch, etc.) earlier years in Hill bookstacks.
          |zBeginning with v.XX (yyyy), each volume in series cataloged separately.|zTo find individual titles search under series title.
          |zBeginning with yyyy, volumes are cataloged as separate books under author or title.
          |zNot currently received.|zOldest issues at Satellite Shelving Facility.

  • For Microform MARC holdings use only following notes:

          |zNot currently received.
          |zCurrently received.

  • For Satellite MARC holdings, use only the following notes:

          |zNot currently received.

  • For the Design Library MARC holdings, use only the following notes as appropriate:

          |zNewest issues located in the current periodicals shelving area.
          |zCurrent issues kept until bound for Hill.

  • For the NRL, Textiles, and VetMed Libraries MARC holdings, use only the following notes as appropriate:

          |zNewest issues located in the current periodicals shelving area.
          |zOlder issues shelved in the bound periodicals area. For older issues,
          |zCurrent issues kept until bound for Hill.

      3. Review the following areas of the MFHD:

  • Remove the link to Serials control by deleting the |= information and related |x. Also remove the copy number |x.

    Unknown macro: {img}

  • Leave the 853 tags as they are, but do not copy them to any added MFHD's
  • Leave any 901 tags as they are.
  • Call numbers with two cutters should follow this format: |hBV630.A1|iJ6. The main part of the classification number should be in |h, while the 2nd cutter should be in |i. An example of a call number in the wrong format is below:

    Unknown macro: {img}

  • FORMAT FOR 866 HOLDINGS STATEMENT: Based on feedback from public services and time/benefit studies, we are implementing open-ended holdings statements rather than detailed issue listings. We are simplifiying the statements by using only the highest level of enumeration necessary for easily understood holdings. We will continue to record more than one level of enumeration when a title adds a level, for examples by adding a series number (see example below). Update holdings for all copies, including Branch copies.

          Note: Add spaces at gaps (after commas and semicolons) and before parentheses. No spaces before or after a
          colon, hyphen, or period. More information about punctuation in extent of holdings statements is presented on a
          separate page on this site. Note that NCSU practice diverges slightly from the spacing policy established by
          ANSI/NISO Z39.71, for which a link is provided from the Extent of Holdings page.

                    866 1 |80|av.1 (1933)-
                    866 1 |80|a:v.1 (1947)v.5 (1952); ser.2:v.1 (1953)

  • It is important to look at the 362 enumeration/chronology format for MARC holdings, which will often differ from the format shown in the Unicorn volume/item records. If the 362 says in a formatted note: "Issue 01 (Dec. '03)-", then our holdings might look like this (note that we abbreviate "Issue"):

                    866 1 |80|aiss.1 (2003)iss.3 (2004), iss.5 (2004), iss.7 (2004)-iss.22 (2005), iss.24 (2005)

          Not like this:

                    866 1 |80|ano. 1-3, 5, 7-22, 24-

          For an issue with an enumeration/chronology from 362 of "1/2007-":

                    866 1 |80|a2007:1-

          For a break that starts with an incomplete volume:

                    866 1 |80|av.2 (1971)-v.32 (2002), v.34:no.2 (2004)-v.35 (2005)

          Not two 866s:

                    866 1 |80|av.2-32 (1971-2002)866 1 |80|av.34:no.2-4 (2004) - v.35 (2005)(You can't use more than one
                    hyphen within a run)

  • TITLE WITH ONLY UNBOUND ISSUES: For newer titles where no issues have yet been bound, begin the holdings statement with the first issue we have received.

                     866 1 |80|av.1:no.1 (2005)-

  • GAPS: Where there are gaps, we will provide some detailed listing up to the point where the display becomes too complicated (up to 5 gaps).

                     866: 1:|80|av.1 (1942)v.66 (1988), v.68 (1990)

  • IRREGULAR HOLDINGS (More than 5 gaps): If a title has been very irregularly received, there will be a general statement such as 'Incomplete collection beginning with v.1 (1900)'. In each case, we will point patrons to the more detailed bound volume listing. In this case change fixed field Enc_Lvl: to 2. Change fixed field Complete: to reflect the level of completeness of the copy.

                    866: 1:|80|zIncomplete collection beginning with v.1 (1900)

  • SUPPLEMENTS and CUMULATIVE INDEXES: We will continue to have closed holdings for supplements and indexes.

                     868: 1:|80|av.72/81 (1980/1984)-v.82/91 (1985/1989)
                     867: 1:|80|av.57 (1983)-v.82 (2004)

  • MICROFORMS: We will continue to have closed holdings for microforms.

                     866: 1:|80|av.1 (1980)-v.25 (2004)

      4. Go to the OPAC to determine which volumes have been received and bound. Summarize in the 866, 867, or 868
          showing gaps where necessary. The last character should be a hyphen for all currently received titles. Remember
          that item records do not always display in the correct order.

  • Delete all 863 fields.
  • Click "Save your Changes."
  • Put an "x" in the "DONE/COMMENT" column in your spreadsheet.
  • If the holdings were in such a state that you could not easily clean the record up, put a note about the specific problem(s) in the "DONE/COMMENT" column in your spreadsheet.
  • The MARC Holdings record for a currently received print serial that the library purchases should look something like this: Please note that for currently received, bound volumes, we are eliminating secondary levels of enumeration (i.e. no.1) in order to simplify the display.

    Unknown macro: {img}

    Label and Punctuation Questions

If you have a question, or there is a discrepancy, in the way that labels such as "ed.", "vol.", etc. have been applied, please follow the labels that were used in field 362 in the bibliographic record. Please refer to Punctuation for use in extent of holdings statements.

Names of the Months - Abbreviations







Jan (Jän.)

sept. (set.)

This information can also be found in Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules — Appendix B. Abbreviations — B.15.


What do I do when the MFHD says Hill, but the item/volume record says Satellite?

Do not edit/update the holdings, please note the issue in the "DONE/COMMENT" column in your spreadsheet. These items will be reviewed near the end of the project. Karen has information to make determining the correct information quicker and easier.

Who do I ask if I have a question about a particular title or volume?

Please send an email to Jacquie (CRDM Staff) or Maria (Acquisitions Staff), who will answer in general so that everyone who is working on the project can learn how to deal with the general situation.

How thoroughly should I check for second copies so I can make sure the fixed fields are correct?

If you happen to notice when you are checking for gaps that there are two or more copies of a volume/issue, please update the Copies: fixed field, but don't go out of your way to religiously check each title.

Guidelines for Recording Holdings: MARC Fixed Fields

Rec_Type | Enc_Lvl | Entrd | Acq_Stat | Acq_Meth | Can_Date | Gen_Retn | Sp_Retn | Complete | Copies | Lending | Repr | Lang | Composit | Updated | 007

Fixed Field


Rec_Type = Record Type
MARC21 character position: LDR/06

By default, the record type in newly created records isy. It should be changed for non-serial item holdings.

v = Multipart item holdings

Multivolume monograph (not used at NCSU)

x = Single-part item holdings

Currently this is used for preservation photocopies.

y = Serial item holdings



Fixed Field


Enc_Lvl = Encoding Level
MARC21 character position: LDR/17

By default, the Encoding Level will be 3.

2 = Holdings level 2

Besides system-supplied data (item ID, location), includes fixed fields for Acq status, General retention policy, Completeness, Date of report, Category of material, SMD. Used locally with public note (866|z) for incomplete and limited retention holdings.

3 = Holdings level 3 (Default)

Provides a summary statement of holdings which is always compressed at the highest level possible. If enumeration and/or chronology are applicable, only the highest levels (e.g. vol. (year), but not vol.: no.(month/year)) are included.

4 = Holdings level 4

Provides a detailed statement of holdings. If enumeration and/or chronology are applicable, the most specific levels must be included.(e.g.: If vol.:no.:pt (year) are used in the publication, all must be reocorded it the MFHD.) The holdings statement may be compressed to the highest-level designator.

m = Mixed levels

Use when basic holdings are recorded at level 3 and indexes and/or supplements are at level 4; also usde in cases of recon holdings at level 3 and current holdings at level 4

z = Other level

Do Not Use


Fixed Field


Entrd = Date Entered on File
MARC21 character position: 008/26-31

System-supplied. Do not edit

yymmdd = Six numeric characters specifying the date the holdings report was first entered



Fixed Field


Acq_Stat = Receipt or Acquisition Status
MARC21 character position: 008/06

By default, the acquisitions status for serial titles will be 4 (currently received)

0 = Information not available; or retention is limited


2 = Received and complete; or ceased

All parts have been published and received or the publication is no longer issued.

4 = Currently received (Default)

Newly published pieces routinely being received

5 = Not currently received/Cancelled

Newly published pieces are not being received. This is not the same as "received and complete or ceased."


Fixed Field


Acq_Meth = Method of Acquisition
MARC21 character position: 008/07

By default, the acquisition method is p (purchase)

d = Deposit

Governent documents received on deposit.

e = Exchange


f = Free

Received without cost, directly from the publisher, vendor, or distributor.

g = Gift

Someone gives the Libraries the publication; he/she is not the publisher, vendor, or distributor.

p = Purchase (Default)

Includes receipts on memberships and subscription packages.

u = Unknown


z = Other method of acquisition



Fixed Field


Can_Date = Expected Acquisition End Date
MARC21 character position: 008/08-11

We do not record any intention to cancel. This field should be left blank.

#### (four blanks) = No intent to cancel; or not applicable (Default)


yymm = Date cancellation is to take effect; or the date of the last expected part


uuuu = Intent to cancel, with effective date unknown



Fixed Field


Gen_Retn = General Retention Policy
MARC21 character position: 008/12

By default, the retention policy is 8 (permanently retained), do not change unless specifically instructed to do so. If using 6, also edit the following field, Specific Retention policy appropriately.

0 = Information not available


2 = Retained except as replaced by updates


4 = Retained until replaced by microform or other preservation format


5 = Retained until replaced by cumulation, replacement volume, or revision


6 = Limited retention

If used, also fill in Specific Retention Policy field (below).

8 = Permanent retention (default)

We keep and bind issues.


Fixed Field


Sp_Retn = Specific Retention Policy
MARC21 character position: 008/13-15

Blank unless Gen_Retn (above) is 6.
ex.: l1y = latest year retained, l1i = latest issue retained

1st position:


l = Latest


p = Previous


2nd position:


1 - 9 = Number of units retained


3rd position:


m = Month(s)


w = Week(s)


y = Year(s)


e = Edition(s)


i = Issue(s)


s = Supplements(s)



Fixed Field


Complete = Completeness
MARC21 character position: 008/19

For new titles, use 1 (complete), this is the default. When editing older MFHDs, use whichever is most appropriate.

0 = Information not available; or retention is limited


1 = Complete (95%-100% held) (default)

Apply percentages to serial holdings only. For non-serial holdings, use 1 if we own all published pieces.

2 = Incomplete (50%-94% held)

Apply percentages to serial holdings only. For non-serial holdings, use 2 if we do not own all published pieces.

3 = Very incomplete or scattered (less than 50% held)

Do not use 3 for non-serial holdings.


Fixed Field


Copies = Number of CopiesReported -
MARC21 character position: 008/17-19

 001 is default.

001 = One copy of the bibliographic item reported

Number of copies will be 001 when there is one copy per holding location (852|c), but will generally reflect the actual number of copies per holding location (002, 003, etc.)


Fixed Field

Notes: ILL Lending Policy

Lending = Lending Policy
MARC21 character position: 008/20

u (unknown) is default, and will not be changed.

a = Will lend


b = Will not lend


c = Will lend hardcopy only


l = Limited lending policy


u = Unknown



Fixed Field

Notes: ILL Reproduction Policy

Repr = Reproduction Policy
MARC21 character position: 008/21

u (unknown) is default, and will not be changed.

a = Will reproduce


b = Will not reproduce


u = Unknown



Fixed Field


Lang = Language
MARC21 character position: 008/22-24

eng is the Unicorn default for new MARC holdings records.

Three-character MARC code indicating the language of coded data in the 863-865 fields

Input the MARC language code used in the bibiliographic record.


Fixed Field


Composit = Separate or Composite Copy Report
MARC21 character position: 008/25

The default for this field is 0 (Separate MFHD for each copy, regardless of holding location) Use 1 when more than one copy of any issues is held one library (i.e.: 2 copies of v.12 are in Hill)

0 = Separate copy report

Indicates that the holdings is for one copy of the bibliographic item.

1 = Composite copy report

Indicates that the holdings statement consolodates information about more than one copy of the bibliographic item.


Fixed Field


Updated = Date of Report
MARC21 character position: 008/26-31

System-supplied when changes are made to holdings information. Do not edit this field

yymmdd = Six numeric characters specifying the currency of the holdings information



Type of Material



This field contains special information about the physical characteristics. The information may represent the whole item or parts of an item such as accompanying material. For fuller information on this field, please consult MARC 21 Concise Bibliographic: Control Field 007.

Texts (including photocopy reproductions)


Electronic Resource

co|cgu||||||||| (CD-ROM)

Microfiche (black with white letters)

he|bmb|||baca (negative, 4x6 in., normal reduction, black and white, silver halide emulsion, service copy, safety base)

Microfiche (white with black letters)

he|amb|||buca (positive, 4x6 in., normal reduction, black and white, emulsion on film is unknown, service coy, safety base)

Multiple physical formats



hd|afb|||buca (positive, 35 mm, normal reduction, black and white, emulsion on film is unknown, service copy, safety base)

  • No labels