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The College of Education Media Center (CEDMC) also known as LRL, has been taking the manipulative pieces (e.g. dice, clocks, foam shapes, etc.) accompanying elementary math textbooks and placing them in the kit section of their library. The textbooks have a green label on the title page:

Mathematics manipulatives can be found in the CED Media Center kit section. For help, ask at the front desk.

  • When this label is present, please add this note in a 590 to the math textbook bibliographic record so the information will be retained after updates.
  • These kits do not have records in Connexion as they are locally put together to serve the CEDMC's students' needs. Do NOT create a record in Connexion for these.
  • If the cataloger duplicates an existing kit SIRSI record, it is imperative to delete the existing record's CATKEY number (field 918) on the duplicated record. 
  • Do not change Date cataloged in the control tab; leave it NEVER. This prevents the records from uploading to Connexion.

  Be sure to follow the marking and spine label instructions for these items.

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