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This document was reviewed on July 19th, 2018 by LW, RG and XS. 


  • eBook packages or streaming video collections should use staff processing records

  • eBook frontfile packages should use a single staff processing record to reflect all years purchased even if there are gaps in content coverage.

  • eBook backfile packages should use separate staff processing records for each collection purchased

  • eBook package or streaming video collection staff processing records should be included in e-Matrix

  • Individual ebooks do not use staff processing records, instead, create brief records or source full records via OCLC or YBP. 

  • Individual ebook firm orders, whether ordered through YBP Gobi or direct from a vendor, should not be included in e-Matrix

  • If a firm order ebook access is managed through SerSol (check the e-resource hub), title may be ordered direct from vendor or through YBP Gobi. If ordered through YBP Gobi, do not use a bypass account, use subaccount 3010-50 to receive order and invoice from YBP.

  • If a firm order ebook access is not managed through SerSol (check the e-resource hub), preference is to order the ebook through YBP Gobi with a subaccount that includes EOCR and Metadata Service.

Monographic E-Resource Package and/or eFee Sirsi Staff Processing Bibliographic Records

Fixed Fields
  • Record format = SERIAL

  • Bib_Lvl = s

  • Ser_Type = | (pipe)

  • Lang = eng

  • Source = u

  • Date 1 = 9999

  • All other fixed fields are unedited

  • Note: It's important to code Record format, Bib_Lvl, and Ser_type as such, allowing staff processing records to be scooped by E-Matrix. All e-monographic packages will be ingested into e-Matrix.
Variable Fields

Each package should have its own staff processing bib record. Staff processing records should not reflect deals or include different packages.

245 $a

  • Append title with [staff processing record]

  • Do not enter title in ALL CAPS. (Practice is reserved for YBP EOCR firm records.)

  • Title should include “ebook” whenever possible

    • e.g. Springer Engineering 2005-2007 ebook backfile

  • Title should refer to the vendor package based on how NCSU refers to the collection

  • Year is omitted from frontfile package names

    • Note: You may add a 246 field that includes the frontfile package and year if desired.

  • Year is included in backfile package title (245)

  • Title should not reflect a “deal” as included packages vary from negotiation to negotiation (deal name can be added as a 246)

246 $a

  • Append varying form of title info with [staff processing record]

  • Record creator should refer to vendor website and emails, entering any alternate package names

  • Record creator should add any and all variations they can think of for the package, including how the resource is referenced on the invoice

Call number/item record
  • Call number: = ACQMONO XX(AUTO Item ID # before dash.1)

    • e.g. ACQMONO XX(275848.1)

    • Note if more than one call number record is present, the number after the decimal will correspond. e.g. ID = 2758548-2002, then ACQMONO XX(2758548.2)

  • Class scheme = AUTO

  • Library = DHHILL

  • Item ID = AUTO

  • Type

    • EBOOK

      • ebook packages

      • ebook package maintenance fees


      • streaming resource packages

      • streaming resources maintenance fees


      • dataset purchases/packages

      • dataset resource maintenance fees

  • Home location = ACQ-S

    • Staff processing records are shadowed. ACQ-S is a shadowed location. As long as all call number records on the title are in a shadowed location, the title will be shadowed in the catalog and Endeca. If another location is used, the call number and/or bib record should be shadowed.

Basic Purchase Orders

The Monographs Unit uses basic orders for all firm and one-time e-resource purchases, including ebook packages or streaming video collection, not assigned to the LSEBC fund. Firm/One-time orders with an ongoing annual maintenance fee use a dated order with two orderlines (see Dated Orders).

Create Basic Purchase Order for Monographs

  • Material type

    • EBK =  ebook title or ebook package

    • STR = streaming media title or package


    • Enter the SerSol database name into this field

When more than one resource is billed on a single invoice:

  • Prefer itemizing purchased resources using separate order and invoice lines

  • If the resources use different fund codes, use separate order and invoice lines

  • Include orderline notes on ALL orderlines explaining a combined invoice was sent, invoice number and total, what resources are being paid on the invoice, and the amount of each invoice, e.g.

    • Elsevier sent combined invoice (P22791, $6666) for 2 Major Ref Work EOY purchases: Comprehensive materials processing ($5760) and Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry, 2nd ed. ($996). CM assigned different fund codes for each title; paid on separate orderlines. (cp 6/23/15)

    • For historic PO cleanup where separate order and invoices lines were not used:

      • Create separate orderline notes indicating what resources were purchased on combined invoice, with pricing, if known. Example, two Sage Reference Encyclopedia Collections billed on a single invoice:

        • Unit price = $15861.00

        • NOTE: 2014 Encyclopedia Collection: $6994

        • NOTE: 2015 Encyclopedia Collection: $8867

Dated Purchase Orders (e-Resource package and annual maintenance fees)

The Monograph Unit creates dated orders for e-resource packages assigned to the LSEBC fund and for vendor annual maintenance fees (efee). Firm and one-time e-resource orders do not fall into this category.

Create Dated Order (Monographs)

E_ACCESS: enter the SerSol database name

  • Note: This field will serve as the  the ebook reconciliation database match point

Annual Maintenance Fees (efee)

  1. Create a dated order with 2 orderlines:

    1. Orderline 1 = payment for content (does not roll)

    2. Orderline 2 = annual maintenance fee (rolls)

  2. Make appropriate orderline notes to indicate content is one-time purchase and annual maintenance fee is ongoing

  3. Add annual maintenance fee to LSEBC fund

eBook Package Receiving

Update received & loaded date to TODAY when the invoice is paid.