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National Cataloging Guidelines

OLAC Best Practices for Cataloging Streaming Media

The Streaming Guide to Cataloging Remote Access Multimedia by Marielle Veve

Streaming Video

General Streaming Media guidelines

  • Fields that should appear in a streaming media record that may differ from physical media
    • Change fixed field Form to o for online.
    • 006 m c
    • 007 v $b z $d c $e z $f a $g z $h u (The subfield "d" describes a multicolor item. It can be adjusted if that does not adequately describe your item. "b" = black-and-white ; "m" = mixed)
    • 007 c $b r $d c $e n $f a (This describes a multicolor item with sound. If your video is black and white and/or has no sound, make the necessary changes)
    • 300 1 online resource (length of video) : $b sound, color (if your resource has sound and color)
    • 336 two-dimensional moving image $b tdi $2 rdacontent
    • 337 computer $b c $2 rdamedia
    • 337 video $b v $2 rdamedia
    • 338 online resource $b cr $2 rdacarrier

    • 588 Description based on DVD version record (If the record was derived from a DVD record. If cataloged from the electronic resource, "Description based on online resource; title from ____ (viewed [date])

    • 655 \0 Streaming video
    • 776 08 If the item exists in another format (often DVD), add the appropriate 776.
    • 856 $u URL
      • If the URL requires a proxy upload to OCLC without the proxy
      • If it seems helpful/relevant, a subfield "z" can be added to identify the host of the file (e.g. $z Films Media Group)
  • Item level values for a streaming file in SIRSI
    • Library: ONLINE
    • Location: NET
    • Item Type: VID-STREAM
    • If the video is freely available, then Item Cat2: OPENACCESS

Locally Hosted Streaming Video

Definition: NCSU hosts the streaming video. The URL will point to an NCSU Internet address.

* If the video was digitized from a DVD, the DVD should already be cataloged and processed (though holdings may not yet be represented in OCLC, depending on the time of the month).

  • In Connexion, identify the record for the DVD.
  • Follow the given URL for the streaming media file and determine the running time. The running time should be within two minutes of the running time listed in the DVD record. If not, refer it back to Keith Morgan (RIS) to make certain there was no error in creating the digital file.
  • Derive a new record.
  • Apply Constant Data: Local Streaming Media (it will apply only variable fields)
    FYI: Constant Data will apply:
    • 006 m c
    • 007 v $b z $d c $e z $f a $g z $h u
    • 007 c $b r $d c $e n $f a
    • 300 1 online resource
    • 500 Description based on DVD version record.
    • 776 08 $i DVD version: ...
    • 999 fields with instructions what to change in bib record.
  • Do the following things all of which are specified in the Constant Data 999 fields:
    • Change fixed field Form to s for electronic. 
    • Delete the  007 that refers to the DVD i.e. subfield a is coded v ; subfield b is coded d. v $b d

    • Change the 245 GMD to $h [~reloomis:electronic resource]

    • Insert time into streaming media 300 and confirm (or edit) sound, color, etc, so that it matches the original 300.
    • Delete original 300 for DVD
    • Delete original 538 for DVD (if you see other fields that are relevant only to the DVD version, e.g. 655 /0 DVDs, you can delete those too).
    • In 776, copy and paste the OCLC number from the original DVD record into the 776 field. Then right click in the 776 field and choose "Insert from cited record" – the system should fill in the appropriate DVD fields. Then add at the very beginning of the field in subfield i: DVD version: 
      • OCLC specific macro named OCLCDVDversion.mex created on G drive.
      • If you need help importing or exporting a macro,  *click here.
      • Everyone has their preferred way of editing. Some like to add a blank 776 08 field below the constant data's 776 08 and use the constant data field as a cue for what needs to be done. They may use the macro. Others won't -- it's all good.
    • Delete the 999s
    • Add 655 \0 |aStreaming video.
    • Update the record in OCLC.

    • Add 856 to record after adding it to OCLC: 856 40 |u [paste in <span style="color: #000000">the</span> url from title list supplied] then add |yView resource online (NCSU only)

    • Remember that the dagger subfield symbol is denoted as the $ sign on Confluence pages.
  • Export your record to Symphony.
    • Overlay the order record and load the call number info. into the item record on import.
      • If there is no order record to overlay, please let Becky know and she will fix the order situation.
      • Make sure the record is not shadowed (early order records may have been shadowed)
    • Item level information should already be present in the order record, but if it is not, use these values
      • Library: ONLINE
      • Location: NET
      • Item Type: VID-STREAM
    • If the record has a current location of IN-PROCESS, discharge the auto-generated barcode to clear the IN-PROCESS status.

      Discharging IN-PROCESS items

      1. Grab the barcode from the item record
      2. Click Circulation
      3. Click Discharging
      4. Paste in the barcode.

  • Mark the spreadsheet complete
    • File @ g:/Streaming Media/NCSU online video.xls & navigate to the columns at the end.
      • Cataloging Complete: type "complete"
      • CATKEY: Insert 918 from bib. record
      • URL: Insert 856 from bib. record


  • While we are awaiting automation of this workflow, M&C is responsible for notifying faculty when a video has been made available.
  • If a faculty member needs to be notified, his/her name & email will appear in the "cataloging complete" column in g:/Streaming Media/NCSU online video.xls
  • Please use this template for the email (which can also be found at: g:/Streaming Media/Notification template.docx:

Dear Professor NAME HERE,

The library has established online access to the film you requested, FILM TITLE HERE. You can now access the film at URL HERE.

A record for this film will be available in the NCSU Libraries catalog within 24 hours of this notice.

If you have questions about putting this film on reserve, contact the reserves staff at If you have technical problems with viewing this film, please contact Herman Berkhoff at If you have general collections questions about this film or the Libraries film collections, please contact Darby Orcutt at



  • Videorecording: The frontiers of peace:
    • Title control # : o57232264
  • Electronic resource: The frontiers of peace:
    • Title control #:  o433605793

Production statistics:

  • Streaming video will have Library: Online and Item type: Streaming video AND will count as an ORIGINAL as well!

Remote Streaming Video

Definition: a vendor hosts the streaming video. Resources may be licensed or freely available. The URL will point to a vendor's website (e.g. PBS, FMG).

* Patrice has Word document instructions which will be moved to Confluence soon

Cataloging Streaming videos from FMG on Demand

To find the streaming video URL:

  • Go to
  • login: User ID/Email and password from E-Matrix for the Films Media Group.
  • Search By Titles
  • Streaming video URL is located in the Title URL box at the bottom of the page
  • Search Connexion for title (usually a VHS or DVD copy available)
  • Derive new title (Ctrl +Alt +C)
  • Apply constant data record (Ctrl +U) named FMG-films for humanities and science
  • Make appropriate edits if necessary:

            Fixed fields:            Ctry: nju

            Dates: 200u, #### (original date of film)

            Time: length of film (eg. 32 minutes entered as 032)            

               Variable fields:

              028: FFH ### (product ID)

            245: add |h [electronic resource]

            260: |c [200?], c1997 (or whatever the original release date)

            300: add length of film after online resource, e.g. 1 online resource (30 min.)

            Delete any fields related to other format, e.g. VHS or notes from container

            Delete any 538 notes

            856 |u: Streaming video Title URL (instructions above) URL with proxy prepended:


            856 |z: Films Media Group

        Control headings: Shft+F11

  • Reformat, Validate and Update
  • Overlay provisional record in Unicorn
  • Change date cataloged to Today
  • Check URL for access (either directly from Unicorn or in public catalog)
  • Alert Acquisitions staff when titles are ready

Streaming Audio

OLAC considers media files that download in their entirety to a local disk drive and do not progressively load portions of the file into a buffer to be non-streaming media. NCSU does not make this distinction. If the audio file is available online, we consider it a streaming audio for local cataloging purposes. Do NOT create an OCLC streaming audio file record for these resources (in order of preference):

  1. Export an existing OCLC streaming audio file for the resource and perform local edits as needed in Sirsi
  2. Export an existing OCLC sound recording file for the resouce and edit the record to conform to streaming audio
Type of record

  i = non-musical sound recording

  j = musical sound recording

006 Computer File

  Form of material = m (computer file/electronic resource)

  Form = o (online)

  Type of computer file = h (sound)

007 Sound Recording

  $a Category of material = s (sound recording)

  $b Specific material designation = z (other)

  $d Speed = z (other)

  $e Configuration of playback channels =

     m (monaural)

     q (quadraphonic)

     s (stereophonic)

     u (unknown/not stated)

     z (other)

  $f Groove width/groove pitch = n (not applicable)

  $g Dimensions = n (not applicable)

  $h Tape width = n (not applicable)

  $i Tape configuration = n (not applicable)

  $m Special playback characteristics = e (digital recording)

  $n Capture and storage technique =

     d (digital storage)

     u (unknown)

007 Electronic Resource

  $a Category of material = c (electronic resource)

  $b Specific material designation = r (remote)

  $d Color = n (not applicable)

  $e Dimensions = n (not applicable)

  $f Sound = a (sound)

245 field


  $h = [~reloomis:electronic resource]


  Use 33X fields

300 field


  300 ## $a 1 online resource (1 sound file) : $b digital, mono., stereo.

     Choose either mono. or stereo., if known. If not known, omit both.


  300 ## $a 1 online resource (1 audio file) : $b digital, mono, stereo

     Choose either mono or stereo, if known. If not known, omit both.

33X Fields (RDA only)

Non-Musical Streaming Audio

  336 ## $a spoken word $b spw $2 rdacontent


  336 ## $a sounds $b snd $2 rdacontent

  337 ## $a computer $b c $a audio $b s $s rdamedia

  338 ## $a online resource $b cr $2 rdacarrier

Musical Streaming Audio

  336 ## $a performed music $b prm $2 rdacontent

  337 ## $a computer $b c $a audio $b s $2 rdamedia

  338 ## $a online resource $b cr $2 rdacarrier

856 Field

$u = URL with proxy server appended

Call Number/Item

Streaming Audiobooks

  • Library = ONLINE
  • Item type = AUDIOBOOK
  • Home location = NET
  • No labels