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NCSU libraries purchase ebook frontlist packages every year. There is often a delay in marc records delivery due to the holdup in the data pipeline from publisher to knowledgebase provider and to our discovery system. The delay can happen from several months to over a year. Due to the delay, these new ebook titles will not appear in the discovery layer until we have the marc records. C&RS and A&D often rely on our catalog to check the availability of an ebook title to make a purchase decision. Without the availability of the marc records in our catalog, duplicated purchase could be made for the same titles. Therefore, it’s important to provide discovery records for the frontlist ebooks that we have purchased but no marc records yet to avoid potential duplicated purchase. We recommend creating brief bib records for these frontlist titles when C&RS send the requests to A&D. 

Brief Bibliographic Records

  • Date cataloged = NEVER

  • Record format = MARC

  • Bib level = m

  • Encoding level = 2

    • 2 - Less-than-full level, material not examined

  • Date 1 = [publication year]

  • All other fixed fields are unedited

  • 245 $a

    • Title of the book

    • If no accessible link available, append [Forthcoming [year]] after the title.

      • Example: Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents [Forthcoming 2020]

    • If an accessible link is available, DON’T append [Forthcoming [year]] to the title.

  • 020

    • Available ISBN

  • 260 $c

    • Publication year

  • 590

    • If no accessible link available, add note “New ebook ordered, access coming soon.”

    • DON’T add if an accessible link is available.

  • 773

    • Package name that the title is part of.

  • 856

Call Number/Item

  • Call library: ONLINE

  • Class scheme: AUTO

  • Item ID: AUTO

  • Type: EBOOK

  • Home location: NET

  • Item cat3: LEASED if EBA package title; leave it blank for others

  • All other fields are unedited


Record the added brief records in the google spreadsheet, and remove them when SerSol records become available.

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