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  • Niche collection created FY2015/16 for Hunt Library

  • Approx. 900 titles spanning pub years 2011-2015

  • Initial ordering will be done with one-time money using LOFIR-GSCI

  • Beginning Oct FY2015/16, new fund (USFIR-BEST) will be created and money allocated for collection maintenance.  Source will be New York Times Review of Books.

  • Bestsellers can be one word (Bestsellers) or two (Best Sellers). NYT convention is two words, but we prefer single word and will use that.

A&D Ordering

  • Order from Science and Engineering Best Sellers spreadsheet(OLD),  or CORAL request

  • Paperback preferred

    • A&D staff will search Gobi

    • If pbk is not available through Gobi, search Amazon

    • If pbk is available through Amazon, order. If not, order hbk from Gobi

  • Fund: USFIR-BEST

    • Note: fund is available in Gobi

  • Gobi orders use 3010-14 bypass account

  • Holding Code: HUN-SCIBST

Sirsi Item Record
  • Holding Code = HUN-SCIBST

  • Library - HUNT

  • Home Location = SCI-BEST

  • Item type: BOOK

  • Use SCIBEST Flag 

  • Use spine label prefix SCIBEST

  • Keep hardcover dust jackets:

    • 2 spine labels (one for book & one for dust jacket)

    • 1 barcode (book only)

    • Dust jackets will not be covered or otherwise protected

  • RFID tag


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