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We have, on occasion, had requests to add YouTube videos to the library catalog.

We will add links to YouTube videos if:

  • the content is not available on on other, more stable, platforms or purchasable in hardcopy AND

    • Faculty/Instructor request

      • Note: Instructors could link to content off of their own Moodle/Blackboard pages

    • We own(ed) the physical media, and it is lost or damaged/unplayable AND it was heavily circulated material or other good use case


  • Cataloging:

    • Search the video title in OCLC

    • If catalog copy available, download the record - do not add holdings to OCLC
    • If no copy, create a minimal local record
      • Call# / Title / Author (if available)/ date (if ascertainable) / physical description = 1 online resource (video file)  / (optionally) a description/summary / (optionally) subject headings

    • Holdings library = ONLINE
    • Item type = VID-STREAM; item library  = ONLINE; home location = NET

  • Maintenance will be  "Fix on failure" rather than active maintenance

  • A&D will not investigate the Youtube video rights - the assumption will be that the video poster has the rights to post content

    • C&RS may develop an outline/guideline for ascertaining rights

Examples of requests

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