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GAMING (Game Equipment)

TechLend Gaming Equipment

Game consoles, as well as peripheral devices such as controllers, keyboards, Guitar Hero guitars, and headphones are treated like other equipment. Since equipment is not displayed in the catalog, there is no need to classify these or to create full MARC records. Use the EQUIP format template, rather than MARC when creating new records, entering only short descriptive information in the 245 ("Wii controller"). Treat multiple devices for the same machine as copies rather than new call number records. If there is identifying information, such as model and/or serial numbers, add this to the STAFF item note at the lower right of the item record display (see example below). Note that some GAMING devices, like Guitar Hero guitars and Mario Kart steering wheels, are accompanying materials described in 300|e and should be entered as additional call number records on the record for the game itself. Note that these do display in the OPAC.

Academic/Legacy Gaming Collection

In January 2016 Collection Management and User Experience retired legacy gaming consoles and equipment from Techlend, creating the Academic/Legacy Gaming Collection to be housed in the bookBot. The equipment is currently cataloged in Sirsi but, per Endeca Product Team best practices, is not displayed in the library catalog. In keeping with this practice, the academic gaming equipment will use Drupal for discovery and request. All equipment will be cataloged in Sirsi. Drupal will use Sirsi as its data source to create on-the-fly equipment pages. Checkin/out will be mediated by library staff at the Ask us points. The same cataloging practices apply to both the TechLend Gaming Equipment and the Academic Gaming Collection.
Defaults for Academic Gaming Collection:

  • Library: BOOKBOT
  • Home location: STACKS
  • Item type: EQU-1W-LOW or  GAME-EQUIP
Gaming Console and Peripheral Device Genre Headings

To faciliate the Gaming web presence and provide filtering, we apply a 655 genre heading to all gaming console and peripheral device bibliographic records. Select the correct genre heading for the platform and device type being cataloged. If a device can be used with more than one gaming system, use multiple 655 fields to describe each gaming system.

Video Game Console Genre Headings

Video Game Peripheral Device Genre Headings

655 #7 |aNintendo 3DS (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo 3DS (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo DS (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo DS (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

55 #7 $aNintendo Switch (Video Game Console).|2NcRS55 #7 $aNintendo Switch (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo Wii (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo Wii (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo Wii U (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aNintendo Wii U (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 2 (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 2 (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 3 (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 3 (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 4 (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation 4 (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation Portable (PSP) (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aSony Playstation Portable(PSP) (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox 360 (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox 360 (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox One (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox One (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox (Video Game Console).|2NcRS

655 #7 |aXbox (Video Game Peripheral).|2NcRS

Barcodes for game devices should be placed in a location affording the best protection from the wear and tear of constant handling. Do the best you can!

Item record for controllers.

Item record for game console. Note serial and property ID numbers in STAFF note.

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