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Media Locations and Item Types

Streaming Videos

  • Holding Code: ONL-VIDSTR
  • Library: ONLINE
  • Location: NET
  • Item Type: VID-STREAM
  • If the video is freely available, then Item Cat2: OPENACCESS


  • There are 2 Media Collections in DHHILL/HUNT: the Open Circulating Collection and the restricted Teaching Collection. Collection Management will determine what newly acquired DVDs belong to which collection. A&D staff will then fill in the appropriate location code and item type in the Call Number/Item record. If there is any question about which collection the DVD belongs to, please check with the Specialist or Unit Head.
  • For the Open Circulating Collection the following codes and item type are used:

Holding Code:   HIL-FLODVD or HUN-FLODVD 
Location Code:   FLOATDVD
Item Type:         VID-DVD

  • The Teaching Collection has a restricted use loan policy so the following codes and item type are used:

Holding Code:  HIL-TEACH 
Location Code:  MEDIA-CIRC
Item Type:        TEACH-DVD

  • Accompanying Booklets to Teaching Videos (larger items that don't fit in container requiring barcode)

Location Code:  MEDIA-CIRC
Item type:         BOOK-NOCIRC

Audio CDs

  • Currently, audio CDs are being given:

    Location Code:  STACKS
    Type:                AUD-CD

VHS (videotape) Materials Being Added to NCSU Libraries Collection

  • Unless flagged for a particular branch, VHS materials (generally gifts) being added to the collection will have:

    Library:               SATELLITE
    Location Code:    STACKS
    Item Type:           VID-CASS
    Item Cat2:           GIFT  (if appropriate)

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