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About the Project

Open Education North Carolina (OENC) is an initiative led by NCLIVE that aims to reduce the cost of higher education for North Carolina students by providing free, open e-textbooks for 30 of the most frequently-taught courses across North Carolina’s 2 and 4-year colleges and universities. See more details about the initiative here:

NCLIVE have curated ebook titles for the OENC collections. There is a demand from NCLIVE community to have MARC records for titles in the OENC collections. A&D Monographs will perform cataloging work for the OENC collections. 

About the Work

1. There are 48 ebook titles now as of July, 2019. All titles to be cataloged are stored in the google spreadsheet OENC Collection Content:

2. Additional titles will be added twice a year. The next batch with less than ten titles will be available for cataloging in 2019 summer. Around twenty titles will be added in October 2019. 

3. Some will be original cataloging and some copy cataloging.  

4. Turn-around time is flexible, but the sooner the better as librarians have been asking for the marc records. 

5. NCLIVE will add the MARC records to their website for NCLIVE members to download.

Project Timeline

  • Rob July 2nd: Create marc records for one title as examples and create constant data to be used by staff

    • Constant data fields: 540 (license), 650$v, 655, 773, 856$z, $y

  • July 23 at the unit meeting: Distribute work/review the process

  • After July 23: Gather feedback

  • August-September: Send the marc records to NCLIVE

Cataloging Instruction

Follow ebook cataloging link below as cataloging guideline

Constant data for OENC-specific fields is available in the Connexion save file under: OENC CD

Additional MARC Records Fields

1.Add license information to MARC field 540 

The Creative Commons or other license information can be found in the spreadsheet in column “CC License”. For each CC license term listed in the spreadsheet, use the corresponding full text listed below: 

By: Creative Commons Attribution License ǂu

By SA: Creative Commons ShareAlike License #u

By NC: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License ǂu

By ND: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License #u

By NC SA: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License ǂu

By NC ND: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License ǂu

See examples below. 

540 $aThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

2. Add link data info in MARC field 650 and 655, any other fields?

650 \0$vTextbooks$0

655 \7Textbooks.|2lcgft|0

3. Add collection name "NCLIVE OENC Collection" to MARC field 773

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