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Gobi invoices that do not Autoload:  (3010-03, 3010-14, 3010-48, 3010-06) GOBI invoices not loaded into Sirsi are handled the same after Creating a new purchase order and Invoice.

Search the invoice in Siris

Open Modify Invoice wizard in the Acquisitions module. 

  • Search invoice number from paper invoice

Click to Invlines (Invoice lines) tab

  • Check to see that all lines have loaded correctly  (if they have not, check with whoever handles YBP load errors)

Stamp your printed invoice with the “Invoice Verification” stamp.

  • Add initials and the date to the  “Invoice Received” and “Goods/Services Received” fields (if not already there)
  • Add your initials and today’s date outside the upper left corner of the stamp.

Adding project account numbers to verification stamp

Note:  do this before adding additional lines, shipping, etc:  

  • Click the “Display Funds Summary” icon at the top of your screen

  • Write the account number from Sirsi below the “Invoice Verification” stamp.
  • If more than one account number appears, write down all unique numbers. see Multiple account processing 

Note the “Amount Paid” column in Sirsi and write this number next to its corresponding account number.

Add any Shipping charges (also credit, jackets, etc)

  • Open Add Invoice Lines  
  • Click the “Add Invoiceline” button.


    • LINK =    PRICE PRORATED from the dropdown
    • AMOUNT  -- dollar amount of Shipping / Freight from printed invoice
  • Click “Add Invoiceline.”
  • Click “Modify Invoiceline.”

Pay the invoice

  • Open Modify Invoice
  • Click on the Invoice Tab
  • Enter your initials in the “RECEIVER” field
  • Enter today’s date in the “DATERECVD” field.

  • Click back to the Invoice line tab
  •  Pay Invoice wizard
  • Click “Pay invoice” at the bottom of the window
    • If a window appears with the message “Invoice has been prorated” click “OK.”
  • Click “Modify invoice to ensure payment was made.”

Create a Monograph Invoice Coversheet

---see create coversheets

REDACTING ON ALL Non-Credit Card Invoices  --as of January 25, 2017 per F&B-- 

  • Redact all vendor banking information. (only numbers, not text)  --NOT FOR FOREIGN CURRENCY INVOICES PAID BY CHECK
  • Redact tax ID numbers (FEIN)  from the invoice.  All Gobi invoices have the tax ID # at the top.  Redact on all pages of the invoice.
  • Do not redact address information.
  • Use a black Sharpie  See the before and after images.


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