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Open the “Add Invoice” wizard in Sirsi.

  • Enter the invoice number in the “Invoice ID” field.
    • Most single vendor invoices will use “AUTO” into this field.
    • If your invoice has a specified invoice number, use it.


  • Enter the vendor ID in the “Vendor ID” field.
    • If you do not know the Vendor ID, use the search widget next to this field to find it.


Click “Add Invoice Extended Info.”

  • RECEIVER  -- Initials
  • DATERECVD  --  1/12/13 (current date)


Click “OK.”


Click the “Add Invoiceline” button.


  • Enter the amount from your printed invoice.
  • Add PO# to the "Order ID" field or....
  • Click the widget next to the “Order ID” field and Search for the item by title
    • Highlight the title of the item and click “Display Order.”
    • Highlight the title of the item and click “Invoice Orderline.”

Click “Add Invoiceline.”

Click “Modify Invoiceline.”



Note:  If Endowment funds were used, check the Fund Summary before adding shipping.  Record these on the invoice. 

For shipping charges do the following:  

  • Click the “Add Invoiceline” button.
    • LINE  --   type SHIPPING
    • LINK   --  Dropdown and choose  Price Prorated
    • AMOUNT  -- dollar amount of Shipping / Freight from printed invoice
  • Click “Add Invoiceline.”
  • Click “Modify Invoiceline.”

Open the “Pay Invoice” wizard.

  • Click the link for “Current Invoice,"
  • Click “Pay Selected Lines.”
    • If a window appears with the message “Invoice has been prorated” click “OK.”
  • Click “Close.”
  • Stamp your printed invoice with the “Invoice Verification” stamp.

  • Add your initials in the “Invoice Received” and “Goods/Services Received” fields of the stamp.
  • Add your initials and today’s date outside the upper left corner of the stamp.
  • Add the Fund Summary project account under the stamp---  (See note above for endowments)
  • Add the invoice number from Sirsi in the upper right corner of the paper.

  • Stamp your printed invoice with the “CREDIT CARD” stamp.


Open the “Modify Invoice” wizard.

  • Click the link for “Current Invoice,” which should be your invoice.
  • Click the “Display Funds Summary” button.


Write the account number from Sirsi below the “Invoice Verification” stamp.

  • If more than one account number appears, write down all unique numbers.
  • Note the “Amount Paid” column in Sirsi and write this number next to its corresponding account number.

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