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When responding to requests to share a proxied link with patrons, you need to concatenate the proxy prefix with the URL you receive from a publisher or vendor, such as Gobi.  For example, you may have a link from Gobi like this:

To make the link work for off-campus access, you need to add the proxy prefix to your link by concatenating the proxy prefix: with the actual  link (shown above) to get a combined proxied URL like this:

If you are working in a Google word document, you should be ok as Google word will automate the  link for the whole combined string correctly.

However, if you are working in Gmail to concatenate the strings, Gmail will automate the linking for the two parts of the strings separately but will not automate the link for the combined string correctly. When you or patrons click on the link, it will generate a 404 error or some other errors depending on which part of the string you are clicking on. To fix this, in Gmail text editor, you’ll need  to remove the links by clicking on the Remove button shown below:

After  the links being removed, the blue color of the  clickable text will become black:

Now, you can send it to the patrons or whoever requests the links. 

Or if you don’t want to remove the link, you may update the linking for the combined text by clicking on the “Change” button and update the link with the combined URL. 

As a rule of thumb, whenever you send a link to a patron or someone else, always remember to click on the link first making sure it’s working. 

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