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To find the source of discrepancies that appear in the SumSuppliesAccounts query accounts (52XXX), where transactions were reconciled to default accounts and may need JVs to to our collections accounts, first start with tracking down the invoice that is the source of the discrepancy in the WRS, then verify it against what shows up in Sirsi:

    • Pull up the account you are reconciling in the WRS. (MyPack Portal → WolfPack Reporting System → Enter a Project ID: 214050 → Click on "Total Operating Expenditures" amount for 50000-59999 → Click on "Total FYTD + Adjs" for account of interest.)

      "Total Operating Expenditures" link

      "Total FYTD + Adjs" link


Reference the results in the SumSuppliesAccounts query. Note that these amounts may be a combination of invoices, not just a single invoice amount. Compare these amounts with the results in the "Total FYTD + Adjs" table and pull up the WRS images (using the link in the "Image" column on the far right). Check the corresponding invoice for the following:

  1. Is it an A&D-related invoice, or something unrelated?
    • If it is an international transaction, move to section 2.
    • If it is a non-A&D related transaction, move to section 3.
    • If the transaction is an A&D-related invoice (identified via card holder and account numbers): Mark down the PO and title from the invoice image (if available) and search Sirsi invoices by PO/title. Verify the amount in Sirsi with the amount in PeopleSoft. If you manage to locate the invoice it should be applied to, look up the account information in Sirsi and request a JV for that invoice to be moved to that account.
  2.   If it is an A&D international transaction: 
    • Generally speaking, international transactions are <= 10% of the original charge (before taxes). This can be a clue for where the international transaction fee is supposed to be applied. Transaction dates and cardholder names should also be noted for later.
    • Using the "CPSxxxxx..." number in the line description of the international transaction fee you are reconciling, open the financials database and go into the P-Card Transactions table, then filter the "Line Description" filter for descriptions that BEGIN WITH "CPSxxx". This will most likely reveal both the original invoice and the international transaction associated with it, among other results. The original transaction should be tied to an A&D cardholder (either from Monographs, or from Serials for ILL article purchases), and the transaction dates for the original and for the international transaction fee are usually the same.  Expect that the account involved will be either 214050 55600 (for Monographic purchase made by Pcard) or 214050 55691 (for Serials journal article Pcard purchase made via ILL process). It could also be attached to a fraudulent charge, which would need to be verified via the WRS, using the image results for the original charge (either for the international transaction fee or the charge associated with the international fee).
    • Knowing that international transaction fees are < 10% of the original amount, compare the international transaction fees against the charges that appear in the results. 
    • For a possible match involving 55600, additional work in Sirsi will be required. To verify it further, go into Sirsi Invoices Current FY and filter by the amount of the invoice you think is the source of the discrepancy. Look up the invoice ID in Sirsi, and check the bibliographic record associated with it. 
      • Once you think you've located the 55600 invoice, verify it with the Monographs specialist.  If it turns out to be an international transaction missing a fee, request that an additional invoice line for the fee is added to the original invoice. 
    • We can't verify any ILL Pcard purchases made on 55691 in Sirsi, since DPP only adds a comprehensive invoice for the total amount of all ILL articles purchased in the previous month into Sirsi.  See Monthly Invoices for ILL purchases.
    • Forward any international transaction fee needing a JV to Jigna Patel (F&B) and CC Phyllis Carpenter and Lisa Madden. This will most likely involve moving funds from a 52XXX account to either 55600 or 55691, as appropriate.

      3.  If the discrepancy appears to be unrelated to A&D financial activity: 

    • Note the invoice down for later, including the cardholder and amount. If there are multiple invoices unrelated to A&D, tally up the total amount for the account you are reconciling per cardholder. If there is information on the invoice image to determine what account the charges should be applied to, send a JV request to F&B to move the charges to the appropriate account. If there is no information for where the charge should be applied to, still e-mail F&B to let them know there is an incorrectly placed charge, but that it is non-A&D related.

If none of the above applies, or if you can't find enough information about a particular transaction, report the charge to Lisa for further direction. 

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