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Shadowing a title in Workflows removes that title from the Public Access Catalog.

The title is, however, still searchable by "Keyword" Search in the Workflows technical services environment,.

Shadow a bibliographic titles:

Enter the Cataloging module of Workflows:

Click: Titles in the gray dropdown menu at the left of the Acquisitions module screen

Click: Modify title in the resulting dropdown menu.

Type the title in the Search window.

Click: Search

Bibliographic editing screen appears.

Click: Call #/Item tab at top of the screen.

Note that this is the only copy of this title.

Click: Home Location window.

Choose: Cancelled in the dropdown menu.

Click: Save button at bottom of the page.

Click: Bibliographic tab at top of the screen.

Click: Shadow title box just below the line of tabs.

Click: Save button at bottom of the screen.

Click: Close