NCSU Libraries purchased the complete A/V Geeks DVD collection in 2011. Following are the cataloging guidelines and procedures, which supplement our existing Videos DVD & VHS and RDA for DVD cataloging procedures. The complete A/V Geeks DVD Collection contains titles from four different sources:

  1. A/V Geeks Present
  2. Atomic Age Classics
  3. Classical Educational Shorts
  4. Educational Archives

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Cataloging Practice for All A/V Geek Collection DVDs

Cataloging Rules


Genre Headings

All titles should include the following two LCGFT Genre headings:

  1. 655 #7 Short films. $2 lcgft
  2. 655 #7 Educational films. $2 lcgft
Call Number/Item Records (Sirsi)

Acquistions created brief records for all titles. Remember to overlay original and copy cataloging as needed. All A/V Geek titles are going to the Circulating DVD Collection:

Cataloging Practice for A/V Geeks Present Titles

Connexion Constant Data Form
Field by Field Instructions

Cataloging Practice for Atomic Age Classics Titles

Cataloging Practice for Classic Educational Shorts Titles

Cataloging Practice for Educational Archives Titles