The workflow diagrams found on this page have been created as a tool to document and examine Serials Unit processes within Acquisitions & Discovery. The diagrams are always subject to change, and the most recent available version will be found at this space.
Workflow mapping procedures

The process used to design these diagrams is described here: workflow mapping procedures.

See the original workflow diagram project created by Kristen Wilson and Erin Stalberg.
Workflow Diagrams (old)

Overview of processes

This diagram identifies the major workflows performed by the Serials Unit. Processes in bold have been mapped and can be found on this page. Processes in italics have yet to be mapped.


Acquisition and description

New order processing

License negotiation

Access point creation (print resources)

Access point creation (electronic resources)



Renewals and cancellations

Bibliographic maintenance

Inventory control

Print serials check-in

Print serials claims

Print standing orders and continuations receiving




Article ordering