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Ordering Summer Textbooks

Contact bookstore for the list of textbooks.

The current schedule:

For the Fall semester list, email Ashleen on July 15, Aug. 1, Aug. 15, Sep. 1

For the Spring semester list, email Ashleen on Oct. 15, Nov. 15, Dec. 1, Jan 1

DPP works through each list sent from Ashleen.

Returns:  Titles to be returned will be held until after the third shipment has arrived and all invoices have been sent for payment.

Criteria for Bookstore to follow, per Collection Management :

The adoption lists do not include: e-books, lab manuals, binders, model kits, course-packs, course- pack-like custom texts, or workbooks. Audio CDs and packages may be included. The Bookstore advises that, in some cases, they can only provide the publication as a package. The package may be the same cost as the textbook alone.

As of 2/2019 we will accept any custom texts that are sent by the Bookstore, but do not plan to change the criteria established for the Bookstore to follow.

E-Preferred process

E-preferred ordering

Per a discussion with C&RS, A&D will move to a policy of preferring to order ebook versions of textbooks over print where available, applying the following criteria:

Rush Treatment.

Each book has a flag in it that reads Textbooks Reserve. If it is a branch book, it will have a branch flag as well.

These materials (along with other Rush) get the highest departmental priority!

Procedure for Receiving Textbooks.

Creating Invoice

Each staff member will receive a cart of textbooks to Catalog


Locations & Item Types.

Duplicates  Textbook Problem Resolutions

Processing Textbook Invoices

Textbook Receipts are pre-paid by a SUB. They do not go thru the voucher process, but they do need to be approved.

Per Phyllis in F&B:

The Bookstore bills us via Service Unit Billing (SUB) not IDT.  That means they take the funds out of our account and we reconcile the receipts you provide.  Historically, SUB charges posted in WRS may lag a month or two behind the date on the receipt. We just need copies of the receipts provided by the Bookstore in order to reconcile the charges.  If they can't be scanned and sent to me via email, the batched receipts can be sent to F&B and I'll pick them up.


Returns are collected at the Specialist desk.  Books that meet the criteria for not keeping are removed from Sirsi and set aside immediately. Once duplicate titles have been reviewed, evaluated, and determined they are to be returned, a Google sheet is started.  This sheet contains all the fields from the full title list, plus additional fields requested by the Bookstore. Specialist matches each title to the bookstore receipt looking for price charged, receipt#, transaction#, and cashier#.  All this is recorded on the Google sheet.

All Brief records, POs and invoice lines are deleted from Sirsi. Any missed titles or POs will be caught in the A&D financial error reports.

Once all the books are recorded, they are boxed up and addressed to the Bookstore.  A copy of the Google sheet is placed in box #1.  It is also shared with Ashleen Norris.

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