Conference Proceedings

The Big Ugly Question: Monograph or Serial?

Of course, you always want to check the catalog for an existing record before bringing in a new one, when cataloging in any format. However, this is especially important when working with conference proceedings because you need to make a determination about whether to catalog them as a monograph or a serial. Looking through catalog records can give you your first clues. If we've already cataloged it, stick with the existing format and just add an item record for the issue in hand.

For more detailed information regarding record selection for new conference proceedings, see the corresponding section under Monograph or Serial?.

Specific Coding Considerations

WorldCat Examples of NCSU-Created Records for Conference Proceedings


Sometimes information about supplements and special issues are just added to the main parent record in a 525 note, especially if they are unnamed. If they are named, but not cataloged separately, we can use a 525 note, and then add a 711 (for conference proceedings only) or a 700 with a subfield t or 740 that gives the supplement or special issue name as an access point. When a supplement title IS to be cataloged separately, perhaps because it bears a distinctive title and separate numbering from the parent title, a 770 is added to the parent title record. Conversely, a 772 is added as an access point for the parent title in the supplement record.

Note on MARC Holdings & Supplements

We are no longer maintaining textual MARC holdings (867 fields) for supplements. If you see an 867 in a MARC holdings record, delete it. We only maintain textual holdings for the basic bibliographic unit (866) and indexes (868).